Jonathan Scott and Zoey Deschanel, Kate Winslet

The Wildest Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities have been known to make headlines for wild reasons—but sometimes, they've made the news thanks to what they've chosen to name their children...
April 11, 2024 Sarah Ng
Horror Monsters Facts

Heart-Pounding Facts About Horror's Scariest Monsters

The character of Freddy Krueger was inspired by a real-life phenomenon that’s straight out of a nightmare.
April 11, 2024 Miles Brucker
Saruman Facts

Treacherous Facts About Saruman The White

The Lord of the Rings movies depict Saruman as diabolical and untrustworthy, but the books reveal the true extent of his corruption with a disturbing act never shown on screen.
April 9, 2024 Kyle Climans
Internal Thumbnail Edited

Behind-the-Scenes Facts About The Movie Titanic

I had no clue that was the reason.
April 8, 2024 Miles Brucker
Game of Thrones Facts

Fiery Facts About Game Of Thrones

Sansa has become a fan favorite on Game of Thrones, but she hides a dark secret: her true role in her father’s execution.
April 4, 2024 Miles Brucker

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