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Snappy Facts About Josh Brolin, The Man Behind Thanos

Josh Brolin Facts: As a teen, Brolin was a member of a group called the Cito Rats who would steal cars to pay for drugs and booze.
November 1, 2023 Cadeem Lalor
Drew Barrymore Facts

Rebellious Facts About Drew Barrymore, Hollywood's Comeback Kid

While filming her iconic scene in Scream, Drew Barrymore had to get into a terrified mood—so she told director Wes Craven her biggest secrets.
February 9, 2023 Cadeem Lalor
Rupert Grint Facts

Second-Hand Facts About Rupert Grint, The Redheaded Rogue

Rupert Grint is most famous for playing Ron Weasley in Harry Potter, but this famous role can be less a blessing and more a curse.
February 19, 2021 Cadeem Lalor
Fan Bingbing Facts

Evasive Facts About Fan Bingbing, China's Fashionable Superstar

Fan Bingbing Facts. She may be best known to American audiences as Blink in the X:Men series, but there's so much more to this scandalous superstar.
February 18, 2021 Cadeem Lalor
Hellboy Facts

Demonic Facts About Hellboy

The first Hellboy may not have been a blockbuster, but it gained a cult following for the iconic character—yet few know its dark history.
February 16, 2021 Cadeem Lalor
Rick Grimes Facts

Gritty Facts About Rick Grimes, The Hero Of The Walking Dead

The grizzled Rick Grimes was the star of The Walking Dead for nearly a decade—but in the comics, this iconic character's life is even more twisted.
February 11, 2021 Cadeem Lalor
Titans Facts

Powerful Facts About Titans, DC's TV Hit

Titans Facts. As a live-action adaptation of the beloved Teen Titans comics, the hit show concerns a group of young heroes led by Dick Grayson.
February 8, 2021 Cadeem Lalor
Whitney Houston Facts

Heartbreaking Facts About Whitney Houston, The Tragic Queen Of Pop

After Whitney Houston passed on, the singer’s closest confidantes revealed the source of the horrific trauma that haunted her since her childhood.
October 7, 2020 Cadeem Lalor
Maisie Williams Facts

Faceless Facts About Maisie Williams

Every fan of Game of Thrones has watched Arya Stark grow up over the years—but few know about the actress behind the faceless girl, Maisie Williams.
August 18, 2020 Cadeem Lalor

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