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Irene of Athens Facts

Powerful Facts About Empress Irene, The Byzantine Rebel

Irene Of Athens Facts. Beauty, brains, and an iron will: Irene of Athens used all of these to stay in power in the cut-throat Byzantine Empire.
July 28, 2022 Mehroo S.
Iconic Buildings Facts

Riveting Facts About The World’s Most Iconic Buildings

The world is filled with spectacular, bizarre, and iconic buildings—but these structures often have a surprisingly dark history.
June 6, 2022 Mehroo S.
Pearl Bailey Facts

Swinging Facts About Pearl Bailey, The Ambassador Of Love

Legendary singer and actress Pearl Bailey left the hospital after a routine surgery—not knowing that something had gone horribly wrong.
April 11, 2022 Mehroo S.
Zora Neale Hurston Facts

Incredible Facts About Zora Neale Hurston, The Genius Of The South

Near the end of her life, Zora Neale Hurston faced immense backlash and scandal—yet somehow, her death was even more horrific.
April 8, 2022 Mehroo S.
Starr Faithfull Facts

Devastating Facts About Starr Faithfull, The Doomed Socialite 

Starr Faithfull had it all. She was young, beautiful, and fabulously wealthy—but none of that saved her from her disturbing end.
January 26, 2022 Mehroo S.
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Facts

Swashbuckling Facts About Douglas Fairbanks Jr., The Prince Of Hollywood

Born into screen royalty, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was a Hollywood golden child—yet few people know his incredibly dark history.
January 26, 2022 Mehroo S.
Christina Onassis Facts

Painful Facts About Christina Onassis, The Tragically Rich Heiress 

Christina Onassis watched in horror as every single member of her family perished—but sadly, fate dealt her the worst hand of all.
January 24, 2022 Mehroo S.
Mayo Methot Facts

Destructive Facts About Mayo Methot, The Scorned Starlet

When Humphrey Bogart abandoned Mayo Methot for Lauren Bacall, it was infamous—yet few know the unhinged act Methot performed after their wedding.
January 22, 2022 Mehroo S.
Betty Hutton Facts

Resilient Facts About Betty Hutton, The Incendiary Blonde

Betty Hutton lost everything and became a mere echo of the beauty she used to be—and yet, her greatest tragedy was by far her devastating end.
December 30, 2021 Mehroo S.

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